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You're cheating, aren't you!?

Last updated: 3rd October 2001 ("2001")

If you find anything wrong here, like mad alphabet wotsits, or if you get asked things that aren't here, feel free to e-mail me. Make sure they're word for word, though. Elaine and Base Commander Gotbeer, thanks for all your help! If you're using this with a second browser open, the links enable you to jump down the list. And if you want to get back to the top again, try pressing the back button on your browser. Or "ctrl" and "home" at the same time.

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  1. ______ is the Jaffa meditative practice where the Jaffa may communicate with its symbiote.

  2. _________ were affected by the electromagnetic discharge caused by the nuclear missiles exploding against the Goa'uld ships' fields.
    Communications satellites

  3. A child born to two Goa'uld hosts is known as a _________.

  4. According to Dr. Jackson, the word Tok'ra most likely means _________.

  5. According to Jacob Carter, how many Rhi'tu are commonly in a Rhi'tu rebel attack squad?

  6. According to Merrin, how long had the Orbanians been using the Nanite Technology?
    49 years

  7. After being imprinted, what name did Colonel O'Neill go by in "Beneath The Surface"?

  8. After being imprinted, what name did Daniel Jackson go by in "Beneath The Surface"?

  9. After being imprinted, what name did Major Carter go by in "Beneath The Surface"?

  10. After being imprinted, what name did Teal'c go by in "Beneath The Surface"?

  11. After entering the wrong combination on a Tobin mine, the mine will explode in __ minutes unless the correct combination is entered.

  12. After looking through the Ancients' viewer mechanism, what percentage did Col. O'Neill's brain function increase to?

  13. Apophis attempted to locate where Amonet/Sha're had sent his son by giving "the blood of Sokar" to_________, in "The Devil You Know"?
    Dr. Jackson

  14. Apophis' human host was a __________ in ancient Egypt.

  15. Approximately how many years had the planet in "Message in a Bottle" been deserted?
    100,000 years

  16. At the end of "A Hundred Days", who did Laira hear on O'Neill's radio as she went to throw it away?

  17. At what altitude did was the plane flying that transported O'Neill and
    30,000 feet
  18. Because Cassandra's body was emitting an EM field, Dr. Fraiser was unable to perform an ____ in "Rite of Passage".

  19. Bra'tac had attempted the rite he gave to Teal'c how many times prior to "Threshold"?

  20. Captain Carter discovered that she could use the Goa'uld _________ while on Cimmeria.
    Ribbon Device

  21. Captain Samantha Carter has a PhD in the following area:

  22. Carter's car was found ___ blocks from her house in "Desperate Measures".

  23. Cassandra's fever peaked at _____ degrees in "Rite of Passage".

  24. Colonel O'Neill borrowed money from a young George Hammond in 1969. What was the amount General Hammond said he was owed (with the agreed interest) in 1999?

  25. Colonel Simmons made O'Neill wait for ___ hour(s) in "Desperate Measures".

  26. Daniel Jackson believed the civilization on 636 (in Ascension) dated back _____ years.

  27. Daniel Jackson believed the civilization on 636 (in Ascension) was wiped out _____ years ago.

  28. Daniel left _____ for Chaka after setting up DV equipment on Chaka's planet?
    Energy Bars

  29. Dr. _________ was attempting to find if there were any adverse effects from gate travel in "Legacy".

  30. Dr. Daniel Jackson was wounded on his ________ while providing cover fire in "The Serpent's Lair"?
    Left Shoulder

  31. Dr. Fraiser administered 70mg of ________ in "Rite of Passage" to bring Cassandra's fever down.

  32. Dr. Jackson was off-world with ____ during "A Matter of Time".

  33. Dr. Jackson's research on Orban has almost proven they are the direct descendants of the __________.

  34. During "A Matter of Time", which SG teams were off-world?
    4, 6, 10

  35. During "One False Step", what caused a severe reaction in the alien at the SGC?
    The ultrasound

  36. During "Rules of Engagement", SG-1 assumed that the team SG-X was formed by whom?
    Colonel Maybourne

  37. During "Window of Opportunity", which SG unit returned early from their mission because a team member was injured?
  38. Elrad introduced himself as the Framen of ______ in "Red Sky"?
    The 39th Order of K'Tau

  39. For what reason was SG-3 dispatched to P34-353J with orders to extract Captain Carter?
    Her father was hospitalised

  40. Freyr was the Norse god of ______?
    Sun and rain

  41. From what agency did Dr. Samantha Carter tell the guards at Area 51 that she and Major Kawalsky were from?

  42. From which world did the Alar claim that their people were brought from to Euronda?
  43. General Hammond's father was hospitalised for ________ during the moon landing in 1969.
    A heart attack
  44. How did Teal'c escape from Apophis's ship in "Enemies"?
    In a cargo ship

  45. How did the SGC receive the co-ordinates that led them to the planet where Apophis was shot down?
    A radio transmission

  46. How large was the alien ship in "Scorched Earth"?
    2 miles

  47. How long did Colonel O'Neill say he was held captive in an Iraqi prison camp?
    4 months

  48. How long did Colonel O'Neill say it would take to reach the U.A.V. crash site in "One False Step" ?
    3 hours

  49. How long did General Hammond give Major Carter to prove that firing the weapon found in "Ascension" would cause an environmental catastrophe?
    14 Days

  50. How long did General Hammond tell Colonel Makepeace it would be before reinforcements were sent to Hathor's planet?
    6 hours

  51. How long did Harlan say the robot SG team usually stayed away on mission in "Double Jeopardy"?
    24 Hours

  52. How long had it been since Daniel had spoken with Dr. Jordan when he died?
    5 Years

  53. How long had it been since there was a Goa'uld presence on Orban?
    A few hundred years

  54. How long had Jacob Carter been on Netu when SG-1 arrived?
    4 days

  55. How long had the SG-11 team been missing in "Rules of Engagement"?
    8 months

  56. How long have the Tok'ra been in existence?
    2000 Years

  57. How long was Col. O'Neill catatonic in "The Fifth Race"?
    1 hour

  58. How long was the cycle between meteor impacts from the "Fire Rain" in "A Hundred Days"?
    150 years

  59. How long would SG-1 have to remain on the planet while the device was turned off in increments?
    3 Weeks

  60. How many chambers containing people in stasis were there in "The Other Side"?

  61. How many chemicals did Linea threaten to mix together to kill herself and Jackson in "Past and Present"?

  62. How many conditions had to be met for the transformation process in "Scorched Earth" to be possible?

  63. How many Eurondans, in total, died trying to come through the Stargate in "The Other Side"?

  64. How many Gliders were destroyed by the Oma Desala?

  65. How many Goa'ulds did Jacob Carter say had obtained the rank of System Lord?

  66. How many hours of consumables was the X-301 equipped with for the live-fire test flight?

  67. How many ion cannons did SG-1 request in "Between Two Fires"?

  68. How many Jaffa came through the Stargate with Apophis in "Children of the Gods"?

  69. How many languages does Dr. Jackson speak?

  70. How many launch vehicles were used to put the satellite network in orbit in "Absolute Power"?

  71. How many MALP probes were sent through the Stargate to Urgo's home world?

  72. How many members of the SG-1 team died in "2010"?

  73. How many nuclear missiles were launched against the Goa'uld in "The Serpent's Lair"?

  74. How many of Heru-ur's ships were on P3X-974 (Cimmeria)?

  75. How many off-world SG teams was O'Neill told were operational when he was touring the false SGC in "Out of Mind"?

  76. How many people could the Russian mini-sub in "Watergate" carry?

  77. How many people died on Machello's home world to protect him?

  78. How many people were to be sacrificed to Sokar in "Demons"?

  79. How many police officers arrested Machello on the street?

  80. How many Replicator ships chased the O'Neill into hyper-space?

  81. How many SG teams were stranded offworld when the Russian Stargate wouldn't power down?

  82. How many SG teams were there supposed to be in the future (as told to O'Neill in "Out of Mind")?

  83. How many SGC personnel did Anise/Freya find to be Zartarcs?

  84. How many SGC personnel were sent to planet P9Q-281 in "The Fifth Race"?

  85. How many System Lords arrived at the SGC for the summit in "Fair Game"?

  86. How many times did Burrock claim to have gone through the Stargate in "Beast of Burden"?

  87. How many times did Teal'c fire at the Artefact in "Message in a Bottle" before it could communicate through Col. O'Neill?

  88. How many Tok'ra came to the SGC in the mission "Serpent's Song"?

  89. How many Tok'ra scout ships were monitoring the Vorash system in "Enemies"?

  90. How many years before SG-1's arrival on P3R-636 did Pyrus kill the Gou'ald that had ruled the planet?

  91. How often would "Seth" have to change host, without a sarcophagus, to remain alive here on Earth?
    Once every 400 years

  92. How old (roughly) is Teal'c?

  93. How old did Bra'tac say he was when Teal'c returned to Chulak in "Into the Fire" ?

  94. How old was the gold amulet found in "The Curse"?
    10,000 Years

  95. How old was the ziggurat found on P2X-338 in "The Tomb"?
    3000 Years

  96. How was Aris Boch able to track O'Neill, Jackson, and Teal'c in "Deadman Switch"?
    He tracked their naqahdah weapons

  97. How was Dr. Jackson/Machello located by the authorities?
    He used a credit card

  98. How was Teal'c injured on Planet P7S-441 in the "Fifth Man"?

  99. How was the Aschen’s able to introduce the drug into the population in "2010"?
    (terrible grammar!)
    In the anti-ageing vaccine

  100. How was the device that Col. O'Neill built used in "The Fifth Race"?
    Supplementing power for the Stargate
  101. In "1969", what type of spies did the military think that SG-1 was when they were captured?

  102. In "2001", Dr. Jackson said that the newspaper's writing resembled an ancient ______ text.

  103. In "2001", the Aschen's ambassador was named ____________.

  104. In "A Hundred Days", what was the name of the drink that gave Colonel O'Neill his hangover?

  105. In "A Matter of Time", what was the designation of the planet nearby the black hole?

  106. In "Absolute Power" General ___ contacted Dr. Jackson to give him a go for launch.

  107. In "Absolute Power", how many satellites did each launch vehicles disperse after reaching orbit?

  108. In "Absolute Power," what name did the voice on Abydos call out?

  109. In "Ascension", Colonel _______ was transferred from Area 51 to lead SG-16.

  110. In "Ascension", the weapon found on Velona was built roughly _____ years ago.

  111. In "Ascension", what SG team was assigned the task of prepping the weapon for test-firing?

  112. In "Ascension", what was the classification of the team Sam called in to check her house?
    Code 3

  113. In "Beast of Burden", ____ claimed to be the "most respected beast trader in all the land."

  114. In "Beast of Burden", Carter freed _____ Unas when she rescued O'Neill and Jackson.

  115. In "Beneath The Surface", who led the unit sent to find out what happened to SG-1?
    Major Griff

  116. In "Between Two Fires", Omoc was believed to have died from a _____.
    Heart Attack

  117. In "Between Two Fires", SG-1 found __ hours missing from the recordings of a curia meeting.

  118. In "Between Two Fires", what did the Tollans want in exchange for their technology?

  119. In "Children of the Gods", how many Jaffa were killed by the SGC personnel in the Gate room?

  120. In "Children of the Gods", how many of the SGC personnel in the Gate room were killed by the Jaffa?

  121. In "Children of the Gods", how many SGC personnel were playing poker in the Gate room?

  122. In "Children of the Gods", what was the duration of the mission by SG-1 personnel to Chulak?
    24 hours

  123. In "Crossroads", according to Anise how long had it been since the Tok'ra movement started?
    2,000 years

  124. In "Deadman Switch", ________ was the Tok'ra being hunted by Aris Boch.

  125. In "Demons", what illness was the girl destined for sacrifice suffering from?
    Chicken Pox

  126. In "Desperate Measures", Major Carter was being held at ______.
    St. Christina's Hospital

  127. In "Desperate Measures", what is the name of Adrian Conrad's corporation?
    Zetatron Industries

  128. In "Desperate Measures", what is the name of the doctor who took delivery of the Goa'uld symbiote?
    Dr. Neil Brooks

  129. In "Double Jeopardy", Harlan came to the SGC from what planet?

  130. In "Double Jeopardy", how long could the robots' portable power packs last?
    48 Hours

  131. In "Double Jeopardy", how long overdue was the robot SG team when Harlan came to the SGC?
    16 Hours

  132. In "Double Jeopardy", what colour crystals had to be pulled from the mother ship's control panel to close and lock the doors?

  133. In "Enemies", by what amount did the replicators increase the speed of the ship?

  134. In "Fair Game", the Goa'uld _______ had the ability to become invisible.

  135. In "Fair Game", which System Lord did Teal'c say was responsible for the death of his father?

  136. In "Fair Game", who represented the President during the summit held at the SGC?
    The Secretary of Defence

  137. In "Foothold", what caused the alien's cloaking device to malfunction on board the plane?
    Noise from the engines

  138. In "Foothold", what did Major Carter suggest as a preventative measure to eliminate this type of invasion?
    High frequency blast from a harmonic generator

  139. In "Foothold", what time did Major Carter arrange to meet Colonel Maybourne?
    1600 hrs

  140. In "Jolinar's Memories", how many Tok'ra accompanied Martouf to the SGC?

  141. In "Jolinar’s Memories", who shot and killed Bynarr?

  142. In "Learning Curve", at what age do the children go through the ceremony/procedure called Averium?
    12 years old

  143. In "Learning Curve", what was the local adult leader's son's name?

  144. In "Maternal Instinct", Col. O'Neill told SG-2 to stay in contact every _____?
    30 minutes

  145. In "Maternal Instinct", what was the name of Bra'tac's apprentice?

  146. In "Message in a Bottle", decreasing the oxygen level slowed the organism's growth by what percent?

  147. In "Message in a Bottle", what was the name of the lieutenant that was infected by the Artefact and was allergic to antibiotics?
    Graham Simmons

  148. In "Need", how many servants attended to Dr. Jackson at the feast?

  149. In "Need", how many times did Dr. Jackson say he had used the Sarcophagus?
    9 or 10

  150. In "Nemesis", Col. O'Neill was removed from which Corridor on Level 28?

  151. In "Nemesis", where was Colonel O'Neill going while on leave?

  152. In "New Ground", what was the name of the Bedrosian Commander?

  153. In "One False Step", how far did the UAV get from the local Stargate before crashing?
    10 miles

  154. In "Past and Present", Teal'c said that his name meant _________.

  155. In "Past and Present", what was Orner's true name?

  156. In "Point of No Return", how long was Martin's escape pod?
    16 Feet

  157. In "Point of No Return", how wide was Martin's escape pod?
    10 Feet

  158. In "Point of No Return", Major Carter identified Martin's house # as ______.

  159. In "Point of No Return", what did O'Neill say Teal'c's name was?

  160. In "Point of No Return", who was Martin's psychiatrist?
    Dr. Tanner

  161. In "Pretence" the mission was classified as ___________?
    Alpha VI Recon

  162. In "Prodigy", how long had the outpost been established when O'Neill arrived?
    6 Weeks

  163. In "Rite of Passage", what isolation room was Cassandra in?

  164. In "Rite of Passage", who was Cassandra with when she passed out at Dr. Fraiser's home?

  165. In "Rules of Engagement", the fate of which SG team was discovered?

  166. In "Rules of Engagement", what is the name of Captain Roger's second in command?
    Capt. Nelson

  167. In "Scorched Earth", what was the planet the Enkarans were attempting to settle on?

  168. In "Shades Of Grey", what altitude were O'Neill and Maybourne flying at?
    30,000 feet

  169. In "Tangent", what percent of maximum speed was the Tok'ra ship travelling in order to reach our solar system?

  170. In "The Curse", what artefact was designated item 14A?
    The Osiris Jar

  171. In "The Curse", what artefact was designated item 14B?
    The Isis Jar

  172. In "The Curse", what artifact was designated item 14C?
    A Gold Amulet

  173. In "The Curse", who banished the Goa'uld Osiris and his queen Isis?

  174. In "The Devil You Know", Apophis attempted to locate the location of the Tok'ra resistance through________?

  175. In "The Devil You Know", what is the name of the Tok'ra that was sent to destroy Netu?

  176. In "The Devil You Know", what type of information was Apophis trying to obtain from Colonel O’Neill?
    Location of Asgard home world

  177. In the "Fifth Man" what was the name of the newest member of SG-1?
    Lt. Tyler

  178. In "The Fifth Race", O'Neill began speaking a variation of which ancient language?

  179. In "The Fifth Race", which SG team was preparing to embark on a mission when they lost control of the computer?

  180. In "The First Ones", which of the following units was assigned to help find Daniel Jackson?

  181. In "The Other Side" what was the medicine called that Alar was treated with?
    Beta Cantin

  182. In "The Tomb", what was the name of the Russian archaeologist who disappeared on P2X-338?

  183. In "Threshold", how old did Bra'tac say he was?

  184. In "Threshold", Teal'c muttered the name "______" before passing out?

  185. In "Upgrades", how did SG-1 destroy Apophis' new battleship?
    By destroying the coolant lines

  186. In "Upgrades", which restaurant did Carter, Jackson and O'Neill start a brawl in?

  187. In "Urgo", how long did General Hammond say SG-1 had been gone during the first visit to P4X-884?
    15 Hours

  188. In "Watergate", what happened when the Russian's Emergency Protocol was activated?
    Nerve gas was released

  189. In "Watergate", where was SG-1 supposed to rendezvous with the Russians?
    Kuybyshev Airbase

  190. In "Window of Opportunity", Daniel Jackson said that the writings on the ruins were the equivalent of ____ pages of alien text.

  191. In "Window of Opportunity", which SG unit went to P4X-639 before SG-1?

  192. In the mission "Legacy" how did the "Goa'uld Killer" enter Teal'c's body?
    His right hand

  193. In what year did Nicholas Ballard find the first "Crystal Skull"?

  194. It took Tollan medical personnel ___ minutes to reach Omoc when he died.

  195. Lt. _______ was crushed by the door of the ziggurat in "The Tomb".

  196. Major Carter estimated that the pyramid containing the "Crystal Skull" was at least ______ in size.
    1000 metres

  197. Marduk was a god from ancient _______ myths.

  198. Maybourne was paid _____ for delivering a Goa'uld symbiote in "Desperate Measures".

  199. 'Oma Desala' means _______ ?
    Mother Nature

  200. On the planet visited in "Need", what element was getting harder to obtain?

  201. On what level did General Hammond quarantine SG-1 ?
    Level 22 Isolation Quarters

  202. On what planet did SG-1 locate the "Crystal Skull"?

  203. On what planet did SG-1 meet the Aschens in "2010"?

  204. On what planet was the quantum mirror found?

  205. On which mission did SG-1 learn that the second Stargate (found in Antarctica) was in use?

  206. On which planet did O'Neill experience nanite aging technology, similar to that in "Absolute Power"?

  207. On which planet did SG-1 first encounter the Asgards?

  208. O'Neill used _______ to disable the force shield generators on Apophis' ship.
    Two grenades

  209. O'Neill was told that he was in the year _____ when they were revived in "Out of Mind".

  210. "Out of Mind" revealed that Hathor wanted to ally herself with the _______.
  211. Roughly how long had Teal'c been unconscious from his injuries in "Out Of Mind"?
    21 days
  212. Select the correct annual operating budget for the SGC?
    7.4 Billion US Dollars

  213. Sokar's home world was _______.
  214. The ______ were the first of the four races encountered by SG-1.

  215. The Aschen home world was determined to be ____________.

  216. The Aschen wiped out the Volian population roughly _______ years ago.

  217. The champagne used to celebrate the satellite launch in "Absolute Power" cost ____ per bottle.

  218. The chemical Linea experimented with on the planet in "Past and Present" was a _________?

  219. The element used to neutralise the reaction in the K'Tau sun was known as ______.

  220. The last paper found in "2001" had a headline that read "Vaccine Causes _______."

  221. The local stargate in "Prodigy" was on a moon classified as _____.

  222. The missiles used by the military in an attempt to destroy the Goa'uld ships in "The Serpent's Lair" were augmented with _______.

  223. The native name for the planet visited in "Ascension" was ______.

  224. The nine dead Goa'uld found in "Legacy" were members of the ___________.

  225. The occurrence that caused all inhabitants of the planet Vyus to lose their memory was known as ____.
    The Vorlix

  226. The officer from the Pentagon in "Ascension" was named _______.
    Colonel Simmons

  227. The people of K'Tau referred to the Stargate as the ______.

  228. The people of K'Tau referred to their system's sun as the ______.
    Eye of Odin

  229. The radio-controlled UAV detected _________ during its test flight on PJ2-455.

  230. The response time of Tollan medical personnel is usually no more than ___ minutes.

  231. The Russian facility containing the Stargate in "Watergate" was a _________.
    Power Station

  232. The Russian Lt. ______ was bit[ten] by the creature in "The Tomb".

  233. The Russians found the glyphs for P2X-338 (the planet in "The Tomb") over 2 years ago in _______ .

  234. The symbiote left the Unas host in "Demons" to enter ______.

  235. The Tok'ra symbiote within Martouf is named ________.

  236. The village in "Beast of Burden" was located how far from the local Stargate?
    3 clicks

  237. The world with the submerged ruins was the ____ planet the Russians had visited.

  238. The young man in "Demons" who allowed SG-1 to enter his house was named ________.
  239. What caused Cromwell's safety line to break as he and O'Neill were setting the explosive charge in "A Matter of Time"?
    A Glass Fragment

  240. What charge was the defibrillator set to when Dr. Fraiser first used it on Teal'c in "Threshold"?

  241. What chemical had supposedly contaminated the SGC in "Foothold"?

  242. What city did Martin want to meet Colonel O'Neill in during "Point of No Return"?

  243. What city was the Stargate stored in following World War II?
    Washington, D.C.

  244. What colour did the crystals in the Tobin mine flash when the wrong combination was entered?

  245. What colour was the stone in the Canon's ring?

  246. What date did Dr. Jackson say his birthday was in "Forever in a Day"?
    July 8th

  247. What DEFCON level was the SGC at during "Entity"?

  248. What degree out of our phase does Captain Carter theorise the Rhi'tu are?
    180 degrees

  249. What did Captain Carter theorise the eighth chevron was used for in a dialing sequence?

  250. What did Daniel Jackson say "Ashrak" translated as?

  251. What did Daniel say were the odds of the launch going off without a hitch in "Absolute Power"?
    3 to 1

  252. What did Dr. Fraiser diagnose Machello's body as suffering from?
    Acute pulmonary damage

  253. What did General Hammond say his superiors ordered him to do with Apophis during the meeting with the Tok'ra in "Serpent's Song"?
    Return him to Sokar

  254. What did Major Carter argue with Kegan about in "Beneath the Surface"?

  255. What did Narim send through the Stargate prior to his arrival in "Pretence"?
    A Cat

  256. What did O'Neill plan on doing while on leave in "Nemesis"?

  257. What did the locals refer to the meteor shower as in "A Hundred Days"?
    Fire Rain

  258. What did the SGC use to summon the Tok'ra to assist in the Rhi'tu attack?
    A Tollan transmitter

  259. What does TER stand for?
    Transphase Eradication Rod

  260. What does the Goa'uld word "Kalash" mean?
    One's soul

  261. What does the symbol on a Jaffa's forehead symbolise?
    The Goa'uld they serve

  262. What does the symbol on the foreheads of Heru-ur's guards resemble?
    An Eagle

  263. What does the third blast from a Zat'n'ktel do to the victim?
    Disintegrates them

  264. What drinks did Fred and Machello have on their table at the diner?
    Frozen Drinks

  265. What element is the Stargate made of?

  266. What floor is the bulk of the SGC facility located on?

  267. What Goa'uld system lord was mentioned in "New Ground"?

  268. What Goa'uld's dominion did Heru-ur want control of for aligning himself with Apophis in "The Serpent's Venom"?

  269. What government agency was investigating the Cult led by the Goa'uld Seth?
  270. What is Apophis' wife's name?

  271. What is Daniel Jackson's father-in-law's name?

  272. What is Maybourne's first name?

  273. What is Teal'c's son's name?

  274. What is the code that General Hammond gave to set Wildfire in motion?
    Red - Beta

  275. What is the designation of the planet that SG-1 was assigned follow-up duty in "The Light"?

  276. What is the designation of the planet that SG-1 was sent to in "Urgo"?

  277. What is the designation of the planet that SG-11 was captured on?

  278. What is the designation of the planet the artefact came from in "Message in a Bottle"?

  279. What is the designation of the planet where Major Graham and Lt. Astor were made into Zartarcs?

  280. What is the designation of the planet where the Abydonians were being held by the Goa'uld in "Forever in a Day"?

  281. What is the distance between the iris and the event horizon?
    Five microns

  282. What is the first name of Dr. Jackson’s Grandfather?

  283. What is the first name of General Hammond's granddaughter?

  284. What is the first name of Jason Levinson's son?

  285. What is the first name of Sgt. Davis (the dialler technician)?

  286. What is the first name of the villager that was chained and left for sacrifice in "Demons"?

  287. What is the maximum amount of time the Goa'uld have been able to keep a wormhole active?
    38 minutes

  288. What is the mission classification for "Crystal Skull"?

  289. What is the mission classification for "New Ground"?

  290. What is the mission classification for "Urgo"?

  291. What is the mission classification in "2010"?

  292. What is the mission type for "Small Victories"?
    Theta IV Recovery

  293. What is the name of the Colonel sent in to determine communications failure with the SGC in "A Matter of Time"?
    Col. Frank Cromwell

  294. What is the name of the Colonel sent in to investigate the new member of SG-1 in "Fifth Man"?
    Colonel Frank Simmons

  295. What is the name of the female Lt. that was found to be a Zartarc in "Divide and Conquer"?

  296. What is the name of the Goa'uld that is carried by the Tok'ra, formerly General Carter?

  297. What is the name of the Goa’uld that represented Klorel in the Triad?

  298. What is the name of the Goa'uld that spawned the Tok'ra movement?

  299. What is the name of the Jaffa Priestess that arrived at the SGC in "Crossroads"?

  300. What is the name of the leader in "The Other Side"?

  301. What is the name of the Major General that replaces Major General Hammond in "Chain Reaction"?

  302. What is the name of the Major that General Hammond summoned from the Pentagon in "Nemesis"?

  303. What is the name of the officer who temporarily replaced Colonel O'Neill in "The Fifth Race"?
    Major Castleman

  304. What is the name of the person that replaced Dr. Jackson on SG-1 in "Forever in a Day"?
    Robert Rothman (though it says Trothman)

  305. What is the name of the planet that SG-1 went to assist the inhabitants in "The Other Side"?

  306. What is the name of the young man that SG-1 found on the planet in "The Light"?

  307. What is the name of Urgo’s creator?

  308. What is the planet designation in the mission "Need"?
  309. What language(s) were the symbols on Machello's computer based on?

  310. What level is the MALP storage room on?

  311. What level of precaution did Col. O'Neill recommend for the Artefact discovered in "Message in a Bottle"?

  312. What level of quarantine was the alien in "One False Step" placed under while at the SGC facility?

  313. What member of SG-3 was killed while offworld in "Chain Reaction"?
    Major Wade

  314. What modern day tool did Dr. Jackson say Sha're thought was a miracle?
    Ball point pen

  315. What organisations would know about the SGC besides the President of the USA?

  316. What part of the genetically engineered boy Charlie was suspected to be responsible for his ability to see the Rhi'tu?
    Reticular formation

  317. What percentage of SGC personnel suffer from headaches?
    53 percent

  318. What planet designation was O'Neill's first mission with the rogue group?

  319. What planet did Major Carter want to use to "slingshot" the X-301 back to Earth?

  320. What planet was Chaka captured from in "Beast of Burden"?

  321. What planet was designated as the Alpha site in "The Serpent's Lair"?

  322. What planet was Jacob Carter on when Major Carter and Daniel found him in "Tangent"?

  323. What planet was SG-1 on in "Beneath The Surface"?

  324. What planet was SG-3 on when they learned that SG-1 had been taken prisoner by Hathor?

  325. What planetary system did Apophis and Heru-ur meet in during "The Serpent's Venom"?

  326. What race developed the armbands that SG-1 experimented with in "Upgrades"?
    The Atonieks

  327. What race developed the TER for use against the Rhi'tu?
    The Goa'uld

  328. What rank did General Hammond hold in August of 1969?

  329. What rank did Jacob Carter hold in the military?

  330. What reading did Carter detect when the wind picked up on Abydos in "Absolute Power"?
    Static electricity

  331. What scientist was in charge of the outpost in Prodigy"?

  332. What state did "Point of No Return" take place in?

  333. What state is the SGC (Stargate Command) facility located in?

  334. What subject did O'Neill and Jackson NOT argue about during "One False Step"?
    Jackson's education

  335. What technology did Colonel O'Neill request in "Shades of Grey"?
    Ion Cannon

  336. What technology did O'Neill steal from the Tollans?
    Weapons disabler

  337. What technology did the Tollan present to Col. O'Neill in gratitude for SG-1 saving their planet?
    None of the above

  338. What type of assistance was Alar requesting from Colonel O’Neill in "The Other Side"?
    Heavy water

  339. What type of code did General Hammond order when O'Neill vanished from Carter's promotion ceremony?
    Code 9

  340. What type of device was Merrin helping Major Carter learn how to build?
    A Naqahdah reactor

  341. What type of filter is used to prevent retinal damage when looking at the sun through a telescope?
    Hydrogen Alpha

  342. What type of information was Apophis trying to get out of Major Carter in "The Devil You Know"?
    Iris Deactivation Code.

  343. What type of injuries were present on Apophis' Goa'uld symbiote when Dr. Frasier looked at the medical scans?

  344. What type of missile was being tested in the NORAD facility in 1969 in the same space that the SGC is currently located?

  345. What type of missiles was the X-301 Intercept equipped with?

  346. What type of Naval vessel was the first to reach the wreckage of the Asgard ship in "Small Victories"?

  347. What type of radiation caused the reaction in both Col. O’Neill and Major Carter?

  348. What type of rays was the gate room being bombarded with in "Chain Reaction"?

  349. What type of ship did Teal'c pilot to Netu?

  350. What type of weapon did Sokar use against the SGC during his initial attack?
    A particle beam
  351. What was broken on Daniel's "Glass Circles" during "Need"?
    Left Lens

  352. What was Captain Carter's father's first name?

  353. What was Dr. Jordan's first name?

  354. What was Dr. Rayner's first name?

  355. What was Laira's marital status in "A Hundred Days"?

  356. What was Laira's son's name in "A Hundred Days"?

  357. What was O'Neill eating each time the loop started over in "Window of Opportunity"?
    Fruit Loops

  358. What was Orner's wife's true name in "Past and Present"?

  359. What was Senator Kinsey's password to get into the N.I.D. bulletin board in "Chain Reaction"?

  360. What was SG-1 attempting to monitor when the time machine was activated in "Window of Opportunity"?
    The star's coronal mass ejection

  361. What was the administrator's name in "Beneath The Surface"?

  362. What was the cause of General Hammond's death in "2010"?
    Heart Attack

  363. What was the chemical that Linea experimented with on the planet in "Past and Present"?

  364. What was the code name for the satellites Dr. Jackson developed in "Absolute Power"?

  365. What was the country of origin of the F-Class submarine in "Small Victories"?

  366. What was the cover story for the quarantine of the harbour in "Small Victories"?
    A Chemical Spill

  367. What was the designation for the planet SG-1 went to in "Double Jeopardy"?

  368. What was the designation of the planet in "A Hundred Days"?

  369. What was the designation of the planet in "The First Ones"?

  370. What was the designation of the planet SG-1 was sent to in the "Fifth Man"?

  371. What was the designation of the planet where O'Neill and Carter were suspected of being programmed as Zartarcs?

  372. What was the duration of the power cells on the recon drones used by the Russians in "Watergate"?
    10 Years

  373. What was the element in the Sagan Institute box sent through the Stargate to the SGC from Cimmeria (P3X-974)?

  374. What was the first image that Teal'c's symbiote showed to him in "Crossroads"?
    His father's death

  375. What was the Gad-Meer ecosystem based on?

  376. What was the last name of the female doctor who revived O'Neill in "Out of Mind"?

  377. What was the local name for the planet SG-1 went to in "Double Jeopardy"?

  378. What was the name of Shan'auc's symbiote?

  379. What was the name of the alien race who was terraforming the planet in "Scorched Earth"?

  380. What was the name of the alien scientist in "Window of Opportunity"?

  381. What was the name of the assistant that accompanied the Tok'ra scientist to the SGC in "Upgrades"?

  382. What was the name of the biomechanical representation constructed to deliver a message to the Enkarans in "Scorched Earth"?

  383. What was the name of the Chief Avcolyte in "Red Sky"? (errrh Acolyte ?)

  384. What was the name of the doctor helping Linea with her experiments in "Past and Present"?

  385. What was the name of the female engineer who spoke with O'Neill at the rogue base?
    Lt. Tobias

  386. What was the name of the female who was working with Nyan in "New Ground"?

  387. What was the name of the Goa'uld who tortured Teal'c in "The Serpent's Venom"?

  388. What was the name of the hiding place for the Harsesis child?

  389. What was the name of the local leader in the mission "Need"?

  390. What was the name of the Major left on guard at the Stargate by Col. O'Neill?
    Major Coburn

  391. What was the name of the Major that was sent into SGC Headquarters to get General Hammond in "A Matter of Time"?
    Major Davis

  392. What was the name of the nerve gas used by the Russians in "Watergate"?
    Substance 35

  393. What was the name of the new host for Shan'auc's symbiote?

  394. What was the name of the panhandler Machello encountered whilst walking the streets?

  395. What was the name of the planet where the Tok'ra resistance was located in 'Exodus'?

  396. What was the name of the rite Bra'tac gave to Teal'c in "Threshold"?

  397. What was the name of the Thor's Asgard ship?

  398. What was the name of the Tok'ra councilwoman who met with General Hammond in "Enemies"?
    Ren Au

  399. What was the name of the Tok'ra scientist that arrived at SG-1 in "Upgrades"?

  400. What was the name of the Tok'ra symbiote who took control of Captain Carter in the "In the Line of Duty" mission?

  401. What was the native name of the planet SG-1 visited in "Red Sky"?

  402. What was the planet designation that SG-1 returned to the SGC from after escaping the Replicators?

  403. What was the planet designation to the planet that Major Carter had to dial in to blow up the Sun in 'Exodus'?

  404. What was the professor's name at the Air Force Academy in "Prodigy"?

  405. What was the real reason that Gen. Hammond left the SGC in "Chain Reaction"?
    NID kidnapped his granddaughters

  406. What was the Stargate iris destroyed in "A Matter of Time" constructed of?

  407. What was used to reverse the effects of the organism that Seth was using to control his followers?
    Electrical shock

  408. What weapon did Carter/Jolinar use in an attempt to destroy Earth's Stargate?
    An APD MK2 Grenade

  409. What weapon did Teal'c use in "The First Ones" to kill the larval Goa'uld as it leapt from the lake?
    Staff Weapon

  410. What weapon/attack did Aris Boch seem immune to?
    Zat blasts

  411. What were the Orban children with "Nano-processes" called?
  412. When the first alien collapsed on PJ2-455 ("One False Step"), which of the following cultures did Dr. Jackson say used chanting as a form of medicine?
    Native Americans

  413. When the Tok'ra ship experienced drive failure in "Tangent", whose mother ships approached them when they dropped out of hyperspace?
  414. Where did Lt. Tyler say he was from in the "Fifth Man"?

  415. Where did Major Carter meet with Maybourne in "Foothold"?
    Washington D.C.

  416. Where did Major Carter receive 2nd and 3rd degree burns in "Entity"?
    Left Hand

  417. Where did Nicholas Ballard find the first "Crystal Skull"?

  418. Where has SG-1 encountered machines similar to the nanites found in the Orbanians?

  419. Where was Apophis taking SG-1 in "Enemies"?

  420. Where was Captain Carter wounded during "One False Step"?
    Left hand

  421. Where was O'Neill stabbed when the spear-like arms shot out of the orb discovered in "Message in a Bottle"?
    His left shoulder

  422. Where was Teal'c shot in "New Ground"?

  423. Where was Teal'c supposed to be during "The Serpent's Venom"?

  424. Where was the cult, headed by the Goa'uld System Lord Seth located?
    North of Seattle

  425. Where was the Quantum mirror located when Dr. Carter and Kawalsky entered this reality?
    Nellis AFB
  426. Which agency wanted to see the artefact discovered in "Message in a Bottle", hoping it was a new weapon to use against the Goa'uld?

  427. Which corridor was Major Carter in when she was shot by O'Neill's zat in "Entity"?

  428. Which Egyptian city did Dr. Jackson, Dr. Fraiser and Major Carter travel to in order to intercept Steven?

  429. Which event prompted the Goa'uld attack on Earth in "The Serpent's Lair" mission?
    The death of Ra

  430. Which eye did Bynarr lose as punishment for Jolinar’s escape?

  431. Which famous astronaut did Col. O'Neill paraphrase upon their return in "Message in a Bottle"?
    Neil Armstrong

  432. Which General was visiting the SGC from the Pentagon for the X-301 test flight?

  433. Which Goa'uld device did Major Carter demonstrate she had the ability to use in "Fair Game"?
    Healing Device

  434. Which Goa'uld System Lord was mentioned in "New Ground"?

  435. Which Goa'uld was Aris Boch working for when he was first encountered by SG-1?

  436. Which Goa'uld was responsible for the attack on Klorel when he crashed on Tollana in "Pretence"?

  437. Which IDC was received first in "Crossroads"?

  438. Which Jaffa friend of Teal'c's did Tanith kill?

  439. Which member of the SGC did Apophis' guard kill in the alternate reality?
    General Hammond

  440. Which of the following is one of over 100 aliases that Colonel Maybourne uses?
    Charles Bliss

  441. Which of the following SG teams were not dispatched to rescue SG-1 from Hathor's planet?

  442. Which of the following subjects was not thought to be a possible cause of the ailment during "One False Step"?
    Noise made by SG-1

  443. Which of the following units was NOT assigned by General Hammond to do recon in "2001"?

  444. Which of the following was one of the dates written on General Hammond's note in 1969?
    August 10th

  445. Which one of the following cultures developed the Stargate system?
    The Ancients

  446. Which one of the locals had helped SG-1 start the rebellion against Heru-ur in "Double Jeopardy"?

  447. Which planet did Major General Bauer say had weapons-grade Naqahdah in "Chain Reaction"?

  448. Which planet was attacked by Apophis in "Maternal Instinct"?

  449. Which planet was declared "off-limits" following "Foothold"?

  450. Which planet was the Quantum Mirror discovered on?

  451. Which race killed the Rhi'tu referred to as "Mother"?
    The Rhi'tu

  452. Which race was summoned to assist in the removal of the Goa'uld from Skaara in "Pretence"?
    The Tok'ra

  453. Which race was summoned to be the neutral Archon in "Pretence"?
    The Nox

  454. Which relative of Major Carter's did "Urgo" remind her of?
    Uncle Irving

  455. Which SG team brought back Naqahdah from P3R-636 prior to SG-1's visit?

  456. Which SG team was Dr. Jackson on assignment with in "The Light"?

  457. Which SG team was killed in "A Matter of Time"?

  458. Which SG team was not assigned to the Nasyan rescue mission in "In the Line of Duty"?

  459. Which SG unit returned in "Legacy" appearing to Dr. Jackson as dead Goa'uld?

  460. Which SGC personnel were injured when the main breaker was shut off in "A Matter of Time"?
    Teal'c and Sgt. Siler

  461. Which SGC team accompanied SG-1 to Kheb in "Maternal Instinct"?

  462. Which space shuttle retrieved the damaged Death Gliders in "The Serpent's Lair"?

  463. Which System Lord attending the summit in "Fair Game" did Major Carter recognise as the one who ordered the Ashrak to kill Jolinar?

  464. Which System Lord did Machello say he was unfamiliar with?

  465. Which System Lord was responsible for the death of all the inhabitants, including SG-7, on P8X-987 (Hanka)?

  466. Which team accompanied SG-1 on the recon mission to determine the Rhi'tu threat?

  467. Which team was assigned to the archaeological mission in "The First Ones"?

  468. Which team was Dr. Jackson offworld with in "Prodigy"?

  469. Which team was left to guard the Stargate while the others were rescuing SG-1 from Hathor's base?

  470. Which team's video did Daniel Jackson show during a briefing in "Rite of Passage"?

  471. Which Tok'ra operative intercepted the initial transmission between Apophis and Heru-ur regarding a possible alliance?

  472. Which Zatarc had been programmed to kill the President of the United States in "Divide and Conquer"?

  473. While standing in the mockup of the gate room in Hathor's base, O'Neill was shot by _____ with a Zat'n'ktel.
    A Tok'ra spy
  474. Who betrayed Machello to the Goa'uld?
    His wife

  475. Who built the device Martouf left at the SGC in "Serpent's Song"?
    The Tollans

  476. Who built the power source used to augment the Stargate and enable the dialling of 8 symbols?
    Colonel O'Neill

  477. Who built the time machine found on P4X-639?
    The Ancients

  478. Who came up with the "Stupid idea" that saved the home world of the Asgard?

  479. Who committed suicide by jumping into the opening wormhole in "The Light"?
    Lt. Barber

  480. Who created the "Goa'uld Killers"?

  481. Who did Colonel O'Neill relieve in "Prodigy"?
    Major Griff

  482. Who did Teal'c call a "woman" in "Threshold"?
    Daniel Jackson

  483. Who did the Russians recover the Giza DHD from?
    The Germans

  484. Who drew the short straw to go and talk to O'Neill in "Shades Of Grey"?

  485. Who had the nickname of "Destroyer of Worlds"?

  486. Who is Dr. Fraiser's adopted daughter?

  487. Who killed Martouf?
    Major Carter

  488. Who killed Sha're/Amonet in "Forever in a Day"?

  489. Who may witness Thor's might?
    The Worthy

  490. Who sent the signal requesting assistance from SG-1 in "Forever in a Day"?

  491. Who shot Teal'c in "Enemies"?
    Colonel O'Neill

  492. Who shot Teal'c with a Zat in "Threshold"?

  493. Who spoke to the Asgard High Council in "Red Sky"?

  494. Who supposedly developed the devices used to intensify SG-1's memories in "Out of Mind"?
    The Tok'ra

  495. Who was called in to assist with getting knowledge from Shifu in "Absolute Power"?

  496. Who was First Prime to Bynarr?

  497. Who was Fro'tac?
    Drey-Auc's husband

  498. Who was in charge of the mission to rescue SG-1 from Hathor's planet?
    Colonel Makepeace

  499. Who was injured when Colonel O'Neill slapped him on the shoulder in "Upgrades"?
    Sgt. Siler

  500. Who was killed getting the Sagan Institute box through the Stargate from Cimmeria?
    Gairwyn's Husband

  501. Who was killed when the Unas attacked Daniel in "The First Ones"?

  502. Who was on special assignment with the SGC for the mission "Small Victories"?
    Major Davis

  503. Who was programmed to kill the president?

  504. Who was selected to be the host for the Goa'uld larva in "Into the Fire"?
    Colonel O'Neill

  505. Who was the first person Colonel O'Neill went to for help in "Chain Reaction" to have Gen. Hammond reinstated?

  506. Who was the first SG-1 member to see the plant organisms on PJ2-455 ("One False Step") grow?
    Dr. Daniel Jackson

  507. Who was the first SG-11 member found to be carrying a symbiote in "The First Ones"?

  508. Who was the first SGC team member to be woken from a cryogenic state in "Out of Mind"?

  509. Who was the first to make contact with the local inhabitants in "New Ground"?

  510. Who was the officer that interrogated Colonel O'Neill at the NORAD facility on August 4th, 1969?
    Major Robert Thornberg

  511. Who was the second SG-1 member infected with the "Goa'uld Killers"?

  512. Who was the SG team member who finally stopped the Ashrak sent to kill Jolinar in "Line of Duty"?

  513. Who was the SGC mole working for Colonel Maybourne?
    Colonel Makepeace
  514. Whose IDC was received first in "Crossroads"?
  515. Why did Aris Boch shoot the Tok'ra captive?
    He had attempted suicide

  516. Why did the Tok'ra come to Earth in "Serpent's Song"?
    To give a warning
  517. With what reason was SG-3 dispatched to P34-353J with orders to extract Captain Carter?
    Her father was hospitalised

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