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My Endless Ramblings

My Originality policy

To be perfectly honest, I don't really have one, LOL! All the images and content of my pages were lifted from the internet at large and as far as I know they were free for the taking. None of them were harvested/lifted/borrowed from anywhere in the VP related universe, and certainly not from any other gallery. Some of my stuff could be similar if not practically identical to others on the rarest of rare occasion, owing to the fact that I just lift my images where I find them and there is nothing stopping others from doing the same. The real work and supposed originality comes in the reformatting the stuff to use here in VP, whether it be for megas, avs, tours, gestures or whatever. So, to reiterate, it is not cool to steal from other VP artists, but it is cool as hell to steal from anyone else on the net......LOL, no seriously, the art and images I use in my avs are really for the glorification of the original artist/company/entertainer and I don't make any profit, so to me it seems A-OK!!!!! LOL, thanks for taking an interest in my twisted views!!!

You are visitor number to question my dubious ethics!