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If it's 420....Elite Baby Yeaaah!It must be smokin!

420 Elite

"Spreading the "seeds" of justice to all the beautiful, green, fertile planets found through the Stargate! It's 420.....let's burn!"

Welcome to the 420 Elite Barracks! Since you have made it here I am going to assume you are either in the unit, or one of our allies and thus totally cool. So, I am going to share all my best secrets and tips. Try to keep this stuff on the down low, I have been fussed at on the Duty Log more than once passing some of this stuff on. Train smart, not hard and have fun. That is what this unit is all about! If it's must be smokin!!!!
--General ChinaCat

  • ChinaCat's Page of Hints for the Iris Defense and Glider Games.....since it is mine it had to be at the top 'o the list!
  • Aptitude test answers.....I am sure you can see how this could come in handy!!!
  • Here is a mirror I made for the site above, cuz it goes down sometimes!
  • Dialer Simulator Instructions.......very helpful!!
  • The profile of General PURPLE*Paladin [Master Paladin].......the finest of all Paladins provides us each week with the Mission Exams answers!!! Also alot of other cool hints and tips in there!
  • SG-5 Cartoon Critters Site.....go here for Malp Tips from BC Peggyan!!
  • SG-5 Strategic Command Headquarters....since this unit is SG-5
  • Stargate Command.....this for anyone who wandered in and wonders what the hell this page is for!!
  • Ausgate.......this is fun too!

    420 Elite Message Board
    Welcome to the 420 Elite Message Board! Post any hints of tips you might have or just what you are thinking!
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