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My Pets

Here are my pets! Cute aren't they? heheheh!

Here she is...Miss America...
This is Homey! She is our oldest cat, she is the same roughly the same age as Cherise, 10 yrs old.

Big Man will kick your ass!!
This is Pudrow Wilson aka Mr Wilson, Wilsie, Big Man or Biggie! He is the second oldest at 6 yrs old.

This cat sux!
This is Homerun aka Mr Flan, Flanders or Flandy. He is about 5 yrs old and pretty much evil incarnate. He is capable of opening the fridge and will do so whenever he smells anything good in there. We often have to keep a stool in front of the door...or even when going out of town using duct tape on the door! He is occasionally sweet, but shows his affection by digging his nails in deep as he "makes biscuits" on your lap!!!

A handsome man!
Here is Mr Chan aka Chandy, Chanders or Chanders McManders. He was born to us from a female that was pure black. His sisters are GiGi and PeeWee, so you can see the obvious differences! Whether his momma found herself a tonkinese male, or he is just recessive genes in action the world may never know, but he is soooo good looking and sweet and lovable! We were blessed the day he was born to us!

PeeWee is kind of a bitch!
This is PeeWee! She Chandy's sister. She is ill behaved, but we still love her!

Tiddles is shy!
This is Mrs Tiddles she is Little Man's sister. She is quite shy and retiring and staysin my closet alot.

My Misty Widdle
This is Mr Little aka Little or Widdy. He is my big baby, he is Tiddles brother and he is also quite shy. He spends most of his time in my room on my bed just chillin. He is a sweetheart. Tiddles and him were dropped off at the top of our driveway in a box. They were such tiny kittens, we knew once we saw them that we were hosed again, and would end up keeping them. Hehehe...we were right!

Doodle is too cute!
This is Freckles aka , Freckers, Frecker Doodle or Doodle. He is the brother of BH and Bandit. He is another cat that looks like a fancy breed but was born to our own cats. He was born to a sister of Chan and PeeWee and that bunch. He looks like a Bengal cat, which are worth alot of money! He does alot of weird stuff that they are known for, including always trying to get into showers or baths with people and using his paws to drink. By that I mean he sticks his fuzzy paws into a dish or whatever, gets them soaking wet then licks the water off his paws. Funny eh?

Here she is...Miss America Jr...
This is Baby Homey aka BH! She is a little sweetheart! She is Freckles and Bandits sister.

Bandit is a cutie!!
This is Bandit brother of BH and Freckles. We gave him to our good friend Phil.

Our outside boy
This is Buddy aka Baby. He is our outside cat. He wandered up about a year ago, and has not left since. He was full grown when he got here and fights with Flan every chance he gets, so he is stuck living outside. We take good care of him tho, and he keeps Gumby company, they get along good!

Gumby is a good boy!
This is Gumby our dog. He is a white german shepard! I am not nuts about dogs, but he is a good one.